Secondary Science BTS Giveaway 2016!

Today is your lucky day!

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Happy Mole Day!

To celebrate, enjoy 20% off my Teachers Pay Teachers store (MsRazz ChemClass) for the entire day on October 23rd!  That's 20% EVERYTHING in my store!  Certainly, there is no better way to honor Amedeo Avogadro than to pack your TpT cart with quality science resources.

Major shout out to Bethany Lau for this awesome graphic she's sharing with all the secondary science sellers involved in this sale!  Be sure to click on the link to stop by her blog to see all the sellers involved in this sale.

Best wishes for a totally awesome Mole Day with your little chemists!

Karen (MsRazz ChemClass)

Neapod: A Fabulous Tool for the Science Classroom

Hello  again!

I hope you are settling into your school year nicely and you are ready to add some exciting technology into your daily drills!

Currently I work in a 1:1 district - all students have chromebooks.  In the past, I've had to work hard to incorporate a technology component into each chemistry lesson.  However, with Nearpod - it has truly made planning and assessing my classes so much easier.

Most of the time, my students' days start out with a 5-10 question quiz.  Usually these assessments are formative in nature, but after a couple of days reviewing the content, I do convert the grade earned into points.  Nearpod has been an absolutely amazing tool for assessing my students and assessing them often!  When the students enter my classroom I post an access link on the overhead.  The students immediately get their Chromebooks out (or cell phones if they forget their Chromebook) and plug in the code.  I can see how many students are logged on in real time.  Students can record their answers in the form of multiple choice, short answer, or even draw a diagram!  You can even see which questions they are answering incorrectly.  But that's not all - Nearpod can even grade your multiple choice assessments for you, and once everyone has completed the questions, you can share the results with each individual student!  Immediate feedback!  My students love it because it really helps them gauge if they understand the material or not.  I love it because it takes minimal effort to make a quiz and it does the grading for you!
An actual printout of my student's assessment data.  The subsequent pages are not included - but they display the answer choices for each multiple choice question for each student.

I've also been exploring the use of Nearpod for flipping my classroom.  Any Nearpod presentation can be converted into a homework assignment for students to do before they come to class the next day.  It is so easy to create a presentation!  You can directly import any Power Point into Nearpod!  Then to "Nearpod-ize it" I place little check point quizzes throughout the presentation for the students to answer.  It really holds them accountable.  And of course the opposite is true, you could broadcast your Nearpod in real time with your students, instead of assigning it as homework.  I haven't used that feature too much, because I am focusing on flipping my classroom.  Want to see the most recent homework I assigned to my students?

Follow these steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Click "I'm a student"
  3. Type in the access code: GOCPV
  4. Click the arrows on the left and right to scroll through the presentation.  Feel free to even take my quizzes!  :)
Getting ready to implement NGSS?  The drawing feature can address any model building standards or even arriving to a consensus.  You can anonymously share student models and discuss the inaccuracies in each model.   I recently had the students draw heating curves for water.  We were able to address the components of a good graph and alleviate any misconceptions or inaccuracies.  It was perfect!

Now for some really good news:  You can use Nearpod for FREE!  You have most of the features available in the free version.  I'm telling you though, once you start, you won't be able to stop!  Even your students will keep asking for more!

If you have any questions about how to use Nearpod or suggestions for use, never hesitate to reach out to me.

Happy Teaching!

Karen  (MsRazz ChemClass)

Part III - Fundamental 5 - Recognize and Reinforce and Writing Critically

Welcome back!

This is my final book review post on the Fundamental 5.  If you would like to read the two previous blog posts, please click here for Part 1, and here for Part 2.  So, I've had a little less than three weeks to get to know my classes this year, and I can tell you that the Fundamental 5 has truly transformed me as a teacher.  Today, I will discuss the last two components for implementation in your classrooms.

So often, only the highest achieving students are recognized for their academic successes.  The chapter "Recognize and Reinforce" not only emphasizes the importance of recognizing the journey to success, but also how to keep these positive  behaviors occurring on a regular basis.  The authors of the Fundamental 5 cite research conducted by Marzano on the integral part of recognizing effort and the impact it has on student achievement.  On a more personal note in my classroom, I often emphasize the importance of "grit."  I love this TED talk by Angela Lee Duckworth to help understand the power of grit.

Not only should we praise our students for their efforts, it is important to have the praise be both personal and specific.  For example, just yesterday I was trying to roll a cart full of lab materials out of my classroom and into the hallway.  Two students could see I was struggling to open the door and push the cart at the same time.  One of the students held the door for me.  It was a very kind gesture, and even though I didn't know the student's name, I was sure to turn to him and thank him for holding the door.  Instead of simply just saying "good job,"  or "thanks" I praised the behavior by name (specificity) and looked directly at the student (personalization).  This simple act of acknowledgement not only will promote this positive behavior from occurring again, but his friend that was walking with him would also be more likely to repeat the same behavior in the future.

The final chapter in the Fundamental 5 entitled, "Write Critically" takes us through the importance of writing as an integral part of the classroom culture.  Through writing, students can construct meaning and purpose to the content learned.  Writing critically can occur in a variety of ways including: lists, comparisons, mind maps, exit tickets, etc.  No longer does writing critically simply encompass essay writing.  According to the authors, the critical writing that takes place in your classroom must have the intent of creating abstract thoughts into concrete understandings.  The very act of students writing critically about a concept can quickly transform a typical "chalk and talk" lesson into student-centered learning.  Furthermore, the rigor of the lesson is immediately raised due to student reflection and it allows for a great formative assessment if the writing pieces are collected and reviewed by the teacher.

It is my hope you have truly enjoyed my book review of the Fundamental 5.  In the last three weeks I have been working hard to implement all practices on a daily basis.  Not only have I seen quite an increase in student respect, but it has allowed my students to feel empowered to do well.  It has truly made me think about how to transform my teaching and to make my classroom a fantastic learning environment for all students.  If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it!

Happy teaching!
Karen (MsRazz ChemClass)