Secondary Science BTS Giveaway 2016!

Today is your lucky day!

Me and some of my friends who happen to be THE TOP secondary science sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers are having a HUGE giveaway!   The first giveaway is a Rafflecopter to MY store.  You can win 25$ worth of products of your choosing.  I will email the winner their choices directly.

Maybe you're looking for a more fun way to review - try my color by number bundle!  Need some help establishing your classroom policies and procedures?  This First Days of School bundle is completely editable to fit your classroom needs.  Or you could try one of my completely print ready unit bundles - bell ringers, power points, student note sheets, homework assignments, AND answer keys are all included!

Click below to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

After you enter my rafflecopter, check out each blog at the bottom of this post to go to each blog and enter their individual rafflecopter giveaways.

In addition to our individual giveaways, we put together one HUGE blog hop giveaway, just for science teachers teaching grades 6-12 science: Four $100 Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards!  Each blog post has a secret code word and a number.  My clue word is 16. TYSON.  The number tells you where the word falls in the secret sentence.  Collect the words from each blog, write them down in number order, and copy the secret sentence into joint the rafflecopter giveaway.  This rafflecopter form is the same on every blog, so you only need to enter once from any one of our blogs!  To enter the final sentence click below: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Meet my friends (and enter their personal giveaways!):

Ms. Razz is an enthusiastic chemistry teacher in New Jersey.  She often counts herself to sleep at night using molecules or by reciting Avogadro's number. (For real.) She believes that every student has the power to learn anything, even chemistry.  After all, she remembers this hustle didn't always come easy to her. She's also a Teachers Pay Teachers seller and you can view and purchase her lessons here.