New adventures with Wordle...

Hi followers,

Just spent some time playing with Wordle and wanted to share the Wordle that was made using this blog:

Wordle: Chemistry teaching love Trying to think how I can incorporate this into my classes this year. Anyone have some ideas to share? Thanks! MsRazz ChemClass (Karen)

Guess what?!

It's that time again!  The Teachers Pay Teachers back to school sale is on!  Amazing how it seems July has just flown by, and here we are prepping for the infamous TpT sale.  I am excited, and I know you are too!

This is the perfect time to stock up on all those must-haves to kick off your school year with ease.  I'm offering 20% all of my items!  Over the last year I have added so many more lessons including my newly designed Advanced Placement Chemistry Course resources.  As a matter of fact, I just posted a HUGE bundle of Power Points (19 to be exact!) that include all the content that you need to teach your course according to the College Board guidelines.

Since I've had my TpT store up and running, this has been my most popular item: The First Days of School - Start your year off right!  Which doesn't come as much of a surprise because it's applicable to all areas of science.  It's an amazing bundle of resources that helps you to establish quality routines, procedures, and expectations for your students with ease.  But I can't take all the credit, Harry Wong, was a huge inspiration for this bundle.  In fact, many of the procedures I adopted were taken from his book: The First Days of School.  If there's one book that you read this summer - it has to be that one.  I plan on reading through it in the next few weeks as I prepare to meet me new little chemists.

What things do you do to prepare for a new and exciting school year?  (Besides making hundreds of trips to the copy machine!)

Thanks for reading,
Karen (MsRazz ChemClass)