Teachers Pay Teachers Milestone Achievement!

Hello all!

2014 was an exciting year for me: I got married, bought my first home, moved to a new school, and reached a TpT Milestone! You can see my milestone intro here.

I knew that I was approaching my milestone mark, but was unsure if I would make it in 2014.  To celebrate, I am offering 20% off my entire stock of TpT lessons from January 4th-7th.  So if that lesson plan bundle is still in your cart or on your wishlist, now is great time to purchase!

I wish you all the best for a happy, healthy, and wonderfully educational New Year.

Ms. Razz is an enthusiastic chemistry teacher in New Jersey.  She often counts herself to sleep at night using molecules or by reciting Avogadro's number. (For real.) She believes that every student has the power to learn anything, even chemistry.  After all, she remembers this hustle didn't always come easy to her. She's also a Teachers Pay Teachers seller and you can view and purchase her lessons here.

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