Back to School

Hi all! As the weeks of my summer vacation are winding down I wanted to take a moment to update you on all the great Teachers Pay Teachers products I have uploaded since June. 

It has been a very busy summer especially since I have been prepping for my new course this fall: AP Chemistry.  But if there's anything you all know about me by now I believe that the earlier I can get stuff done, the better. So here's a few AP items to get excited about:

How about guided inquiry? 

Are you sitting down for this one? My entire college prep chemistry course:

AND BEST OF ALL... It's on sale! Come join me at the Teachers Pay Teachers back to school sale - Today and tomorrow! Enter BTS13 and save 28% on every single one of my products! Start this school year off as painless as possible!

Ms. Razz is an enthusiastic chemistry teacher in New Jersey.  She often counts herself to sleep at night using molecules or by reciting Avogadro's number. (For real.) She believes that every student has the power to learn anything, even chemistry.  After all, she remembers this hustle didn't always come easy to her. She's also a Teachers Pay Teachers seller and you can view and purchase her lessons here.

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